Add New Fee / Charge

You can use the Add New Fee / Charge function to enter billing information quickly for your membership.
1. Click on the Billing button on the launching station and select Add New Fee / Charge.
2. Type in the member's last name and press the TAB key. The House Manager will search for all members with that last name, and display the results.
3. Select the member by clicking on the appropriate entry.

The House Manager fills that member's information into the payment window automatically.
4. As with many other windows in The House Manager, there are three ways to close this window: you can Cancel, losing all changes, Save and Repeat, which saves the check and leaves the dialog open to write another, or Save and Close, which saves the information and returns to the launching station.



Managing Your Chapter's Checkbook with The House Manager

The House Manager's Checkbook functions will allow you to manage all accounts related to your chapter. This has several advantages for you:

* The House Manager will never make a math error,
* The House Manager will keep all your transactions in chronological order
* All transactions will have a category, making it easy to track income and expenses.
* If you change a transaction later on, your balances will be updated automatically.