Find or Enter a Member

Let's say that you wanted to work with a particular member's information. You might want to enter a new member or you might want to edit an existing member's record.
The House Manager has one window to find and enter member information. This feature prevents you from creating two records for the same member by accident. As you can imagine, duplicate records can wreak havoc on your book-keeping.
Follow these simple steps every time you want to gain access to member information:
1. Choose Enter New Member from the Members button on the launching station. This window will open:

2. Type the member's last name into the Last Name field and press the TAB key.
The House Manager automatically searches for all the members with that last name and displays the results in a small window.

Note: Here the user typed "smi" into the last name field. The House Manager searched for everything beginning with "smi". Entering part of a name is a feature that is helpful if you aren't sure of the exact spelling.
3. If you see the member listed, click once on the member's name to display the record.
If you don't see the member's name listed, click on the Add New Member button.