Making Deposits

Click on the Make Deposit button, and the following window willopen:

The main display on this dialog box will show all payment from members (added using the Add Payment button from the previous screen). If you have payments from non-members, click on the Add Checks from Non-Members button.

Deposit a Payment from a Non-Member

If you have a check written to your Chapter by a non-member, follow these steps to add it to your deposit:

1. Click on the Add Check from Non-Member Button. You will see the following window:

You can click on any field to enter information, or use the TAB key to jump from field to field in order. There are two drop-down lists on this window: Payment Form and For Account. Payment Form is a drop-down list of various payment types (VISA, Check, etc). For Account is a drop-down list of all your account categories. It is necessary to choose an account category so The House Manager can properly track your finances.
1. Click on the Non-Member Name field. Type in the name of the person making the payment
2. Tab to the Payment Amount field and enter the dollar value of the payment.
3. Tab to the Payment Date field and enter the date (The House Manager will automatically fill in today's date -- just tab past this field if you don't wish to change it.)
4. Click on the arrow beside the Payment Form drop-down list to see a list of all payment forms. Click on the correct one.
5. Click on the Check or Card Number field, and enter the correct value.
6. Click on the arrow beside the For Account drop-down list to see list of all defined accounts. Click on the correct one.
7. Click on the Memo field and enter any extra information you would like to store with this transaction.
8. Press Save and Close to save your check and return to the previous menu, Save and Repeat to save your check and write another, or Cancel to abandon all changes and return to the previous screen.

Review Your Deposit Items

The main deposit window should now show all payments from members and non-members. If you have payments from members that are not listed in this window, you need to enter them using the Receive Payment menu option . Click on Cancel, then select the Receive Payment menu option under the Billing menu.

Deposit the Funds

Once you have entered all of your undeposited items from Non-Members, you are ready to make a deposit. Click on the Deposit Funds button, and the payments will all be marked as deposited.