Open Check Register

The check register is The House Manager's record of your checking account. When you record a check that you have written by clicking on the Write Check button, it will be recorded in the check register.
Choose Open Check Register from the Checkbook button on the launching station. The following window will open:

The main checkbook register has the following fields:


This is the date that the transaction was entered into The House Manager


The check number for this transaction. If the transaction is a deposit, the word Deposit will be displayed here instead.


The description is broken into two parts: memo and category.


The contents of the TO line on your check, or the FROM line in the deposit.


A defined category for the transaction, selected from the category drop-down list either on the check or in the deposit window.


The amount of the check, or blank if the transaction is a deposit.


The checkmark will be displayed when this transaction has been reconciled.


The amount of the deposit, or blank if the transaction is a check.