You may want to put your selection of records in a certain order. To do this, click on the Sort button or select Sort from the Functions menu.

Here are instructions for a simple sort:

1. Click on the field by which you want to sort. That field will appear in the sort column.
2. Click on OK.

Your selection of records will be sorted in ascending order (i.e. from the smallest to the largest) by that field.

Descending Order:

You can have your records sorted in descending order by clicking on the arrow beside the sort field.

Many Sort Criteria:

If you have a large number of records that have the same value as your first sort criterion, you may want to add more sort criteria. For example, if you were to sort the members by their last name, you may have several Smiths. You could add FirstName to the sort criteria, and have all the Smiths sorted by their first names as well. Simply click on the second field and it will be added to the column.

Deleting a Sort Criterion

If you have added a sort field that you no longer want:

1. Click once on the field.
2. Click on the Delete button.

Add Formula and Edit Formula

These two buttons are for highly sophisticated sorting.