The Chapter Information Screen

The next screen that will appear is the Chapter Information window. Your organization and chapter name have been entered for you. Now you need to type in the rest of your chapter's primary information.

Moving from Field to Field

The blank boxes that you need to complete are called "fields". When you are entering information into several separate fields, you can jump from field to field by using the Tab key. Also, you can move to the previous field by pressing Shift+Tab.
The country and the pledge name is filled in for you, but you are free to change it if you like.

Enter your chapter's information in each field. Be sure to include the following information:

Term Type Select the type of term you are in (semester, for example)
Weeks in Term How many weeks the current term will last
Pledge Name The name you give your pledges
Checks Payable This will be displayed on all invoices
Some of these fields have pull-down menus associated with them. By clicking on these menus, a drop-down list will be shown. Just click on the appropriate item to select it.

Officer Info

If you would like to enter information about your officers, select the Officer Info button. You will see a list of the names and titles of all the officers in the chapter.
When the list of officer information is displayed, the Officer Info button will change to Return, and two new buttons will appear above the menu: Add/Edit, and Delete. If an officer is selected, the Add button will change to Edit. From here you can change the selected officer's name and title.

Saving Changes to your Chapter Information

Once you have entered all of your chapter's details, the Save button will store them permanently.
Now that you've entered the essential information about your chapter, you can proceed to put in your member information.
If you need to modify your chapter's information, please refer to Chapter 3.
If you do not wish to save the changes you have made to this screen, simply press Cancel, and the screen will close without saving the edits you have made.