The Launching Station

Now that you've exited the Chapter Information window, you will see the launching station.
Using the launching station to launch a function is easy. For example, if you wanted to add a new member,
1. Click and hold your mouse on the Members button. A list of functions related to members pops up.
2. Select "Enter New Member" from the list of choices.
It's that simple!
You might want to take a moment now to explore the lists of commands available from each button.

Tip: Can't see the launching station? It could be hidden. Try closing some windows.
Note: This manual will be referring to the buttons on the launching station rather than the headings on the menu bar.

Adding Member Information

The next step in setting up your house information in The House Manager is to enter your members. Please refer to the "Members" chapter for detailed instructions.

Adding a New Budget

Once your member information is entered, you will need to create a budget for the year. These instructions are available in the "Adding a Budget" section in the "Billing" chapter.

Adding Account Information

The last step is setting up your banking. See the "Checkbook" chapter for instructions for entering your house's checkbook information.



Modifying and Printing Your Chapter Information

At some point you may want to change the data you entered for your chapter. Here are the steps to review your chapter information: