The Member Information Page

Using the Tabbed Member Screen

There are four pages of information about each member. You can flip from page to page by clicking on one of the four tabs at the top of the window. The first page is called Member Information. This page displays personal information for the selected member.

Enter the member's information in each field. You can move from field to field by pressing the TAB key and return to a previous field by pressing Shift+TAB. You may also click on any field to enter information directly.
The information to be added for each member is self-explanatory, with these few exceptions:

Local and Permanent Addresses

Each member record has a section for a local address and a permanent address, since students often move around a lot. The local address would be the current dwelling of the student, while the permanent address would be the student's home.

In House Address

There is a check box on the right-hand side of the screen labeled In House. Click on this button if the member lives in the fraternity or sorority house. The house address will automatically fill in the local address fields.

Member Type

On the right side of the dialog box, there is a drop-down box for member type. Clicking on this box will display a list of defined member types. Simply click on the appropriate type to select it for the member you are entering.


On the right side of the dialog box there is a drop-down box for Chapter. Clicking on this will display a choose-list of defined chapter names. Simply click on the appropriate name to select it for this member.

Current Balance

This amount is calculated automatically by The House Manager so that you can instantly see if this member's payments are up to date.