Writing Checks

To write a check, click on the Write Check button.
This window looks much like a normal paper check that you might write.
The House Manager will automatically fill in the check number and date for you.
At the bottom right of the check are two mandatory fields: Charge to Account and Term. Charge to Account is a drop-down list that will show all of the accounts that you have defined. By selecting one of these, you can make sure that each expense gets recorded to the proper category. The Term button works the same way and makes sure that the expenses for the term are recorded properly.
As with many other windows in The House Manager, there are three ways to close this window: you can Cancel, losing all changes, Save and Repeat, which saves the check and leaves the dialog open to write another, or Save and Close, which saves the information and returns to the launching station.

1. Type in the name of the person to whom the check is payable.
2. Press TAB to move to the Amount field, and enter the amount.
3. Press TAB again. The amount will automatically be written on the line below.
4. Enter the particulars of the check in the Memo field.
5. Click on the Charge to Account drop-down list and choose an account.
6. The term field will automatically be filled with the current term. However, you may use the Term drop-down list to select a different term.
7. Press Save and Close to save your check and return to the previous menu, Save and Repeat to save your check and write another, or Cancel to abandon all changes and return to the previous screen.